Aesthetic injections

Dr. Rentz is a double board certified injection specialist. Because we believe how people look on the outside affects they feel inside, we offer aesthetic injections. We are passionate about helping patients achieve function and that includes looking optimized, so patients have the confidence to do the things they love. Our aesthetic injections are performed by Dr. Rentz, never a nurse or aesthetician, and provide patients with a natural and rejuvenated appearance. Dr. Rentz specializes in enhancing patients’ natural dignity which encourages a more active life.

Regenerative Injections

Dr. Rentz offers his patients the most cutting edge treatments available. These include PRP, Amnio Product and Stem Cell injections. We begin by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Rentz for him to evaluate your needs, explain your options and determine if you a candidate for these procedures. We invite you to schedule a visit to see what many of our patients are calling life-changing injections.

Personalized Testing

The next generation of medicine is here and is all about individualized treatments. Dr. Rentz fully believes the more tools we can offer to help patients get more out of life, the better. We offer food sensitivity testing, micro nutrient and vitamin testing as well as hormone testing. Each of these tests helps determine things patients can do daily to increase their wellness and quality of life. Dr. Rentz believes in equipping his patients with knowledge so they are active partners in the treatment.


We offer our patients high quality, vegan, gluten free, non GMO supplements in order to enhance their lives. These supplements are an affordable way to add nutrients, decrease illness & inflammations, and increase vitality. Dr. Rentz, his family and many of our team members have experienced the benefits of daily supplements and are proud to offer the same products to our patients.

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